Czech tree wins Euro Tree of the Year 2020

The Czech ‘Guardian of the Flooded Village’ has won the European Tree of the Year 2020. The pine, which left other rivals far behind, gained 47,226 votes (pictured banner above). The Silver medal goes to Croatia where ‘Ginko from Daruvar’ gained 28,060 votes and close behind in third place, the ‘Lonley Poplar’ from Russia gained 27,411.

The winning entry is a 350-year-old pine growing on a rocky headland – it story relates to the flooded village of Chudobin which ceased to exist dur to the construction of a dam. According to a legend narrated by locals, a devil sat under the pine in the night and played a violin!

The UK entry, ‘The Allerton Oak’ (above) came 7th with 16,449 votes and Noami Tilley, Lead Campaigner for Policy and Engagement at the Woodland Trust said they were a little disappointed given that the Allerton Oak is a really special tree rooted in the history of the Liverpool area: “The competition has brought some light relief during these difficult times and thank you to everyone who got involved and voted,” she said. “The spirit of the competition is to come together with our European neighbours to celebrate and spotlight the importance of our trees which play such an important role in all our lives.”

The contest is organised by the Environmental Partnership Association and the European Landowners’ Organisation.

Fourth in the competition was the ‘Witch Tree’ from the Netherlands with the ‘Guardian of Cibin’ a Multisecular Fir tree from Romania coming 5th.

The contest does not only look for a beautiful tree, but for a tree with a story, a tree rooted in the lives and work of the people and the community it surrounds.

Picture credits: Banner above: Guardian of the Flooded Village, credit Marek Olbrzymek; Middle, Allerton Oak, credit Jill Jennings.