Dahlia dalliance of massive dimensions


Gertrude Jekyll is quoted as saying that the “… dahlia’s first duty in life is to flaunt and to swagger” and you can certainly do that with this new range of delightful dahlias from www.lubera.co.uk

The resurgence in popularity of the dahlia in recent years has been gratifying for those of us who have loved the plants from our earliest days of gardening. Today, a whole new generation of gardeners are falling in love with these delightful and gorgeous plants and discovering new varieties always adds to the pleasure.

Lubera’s innovative and productive Austrian dahlia breeder, Peter Haslhofer, has now added the most beautiful new varieties to Lubera’s K&K dahlia range. They are extensively expanding the range of container dahlias that reach a height of between 60 and 100 cm so it is now possible to cultivate beautiful and diverse garden dahlias in containers (and not only the small, compact potted dahlia varieties.)


Brand new varieties this year, specifically for containers, include K&K Painter’s Dahlia Harpet® Checkers – (pictured banner above) Painter’s dahlias with variegated flowers and excellent for cutting with bright red, white-tipped flowers that stand above the attractive dark foliage; Jack’s Dahlia Hapet® Red Jack, (pictured above) a special eye-catcher, with dark-leaves and K&K Dahlia for Cutting Hapet®Daydream, (pictured below) a vase dahlia especially for cutting (with a long vase life) – a sensational combination of colours; gaudy pink and yellow on the inside.


If you like pompom dahlias there is K&K Potted Dahlia Hapet® Baby Red with a bright red pompom. I particularly liked K&K Potted Dahlia Hapet® Kanari, a fluffy yellow canary that will love full sun or partial shade. It can also be planted in the ground.
All plants are priced at £4.90 for a strong plant in a 1.3 litre container. You can see the full range and order from the Lubera website.