‘Easytree’ makes fruit growing a breeze

banner-Easy-Tree-(2)The Lubera team are on a mission – to make growing fruit as easy as possible for everyone. Their answer to the problem is Lubera ‘Easytree’ – normal growing one-year-old fruit trees on weak growing rootstocks with side shoots and flower buds in five litre containers.

With this shape of tree, Lubera wants to make the fruit tree a ‘simpler’ product, which is handier to take away, cheaper to buy and easier to cultivate.

One advantage is that after planting you will find that they grow without further training and pruning measures, automatically developing into a small fruit stem that already provides good yields in the first year of planting.

It has never been easier to buy, plant and harvest an apple tree. The easy-care Lubera apple and Redlove varieties are the focus of the range.


Lubera have also announced that by 2018, stone fruit trees in the same quality should be available as well to add to the range.

The Easytree range includes the Mini Apple Maloni ‘Sally’, (pictured centre above) Easytree – Columnar Apple Malini ‘Greenlight’, Easytree – Peach ‘Benedicte’ and Easytree – Sweet Cherry ‘Regina’.

You can view the entire Easytree range here.