Emma Maiden exhibition at Fine Art Society

The Fine Art Society has announced that it will present its first exhibition of the work of British sculptor Emma Maiden from 30th October to the 21st November, 2017. The exhibition will feature a selection of new sculptures in stone and bronze.

Emma is best known for her primitive carved stone sculptures of figures and animals, drawing her inspiration from works she has studied in ethnographic collections, much like her predecessors Jacob Epstein and Henry Moore, as well as literary sources such as Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’.

Recurrent themes in her work include birds, solitary figures, faces and the universal trope of the Madonna and child.(pictured left: Annunciation)

She completed an MA in Ceramics at the University of Wales, Cardiff, before turning her attention to stonemasonry. Emma prefers to work in hard, close-grained stones such as English limestones which reveal a silky, Brancusi-like surface when finished.

Rather than using pneumatic tools, whenever possible Emma prefers to use hand-carving and usually designs and makes her own bases and plinths for each sculpture.

This upcoming exhibition will feature three new sculptures carved in Portuguese Moleanos limestone.

Emma, who lives and works in Oxford, has exhibited in Bath, Bristol, Oxford and London and is a regular contributor to On Form at Asthall Manor, the UK’s renowned biannual sculpture show. Here Emma’s work exists seamlessly within the natural surroundings of the Manor’s exquisite gardens.

Her simple, yet striking sculptures, are the perfect feature for any garden landscape as they effortlessly unite art and nature.

Usually small to medium in size, Emma’s works make for an understated but elegant addition to any space. (pictured right: Summer Bird)

The exhibition is at the Fine Art Society, 148 New Bond Street, Mayfair, London.

Photo credits: All photographs ©The Fine Art Society

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