Ginger Jedi Brings the Force to Chelsea


In a galaxy far far away, well – West Sussex to be precise – Jonathan Ward is somewhat of a horticultural Jedi, using the force to excel as the kind of skilled photographer who revels in capturing the beauty of flora and fauna and producing outstanding imagery for all his clients in each of the solar systems.

Dagobah to Hoth, there is nowhere this Ginger Jedi Master has not travelled to fight the evil that is the mundane, to produce outstanding garden designs. This light year, Ginger Jedi will be landing at RHS Chelsea where he has designed the growing systems on the RHS Campaign for School Gardening stand, highlighting the past, present and future of scientific experimentation with plants in space.

With 28 years in the horticultural industry the force is strong with Master Ginger who draws strength from combining a contemporary view of the plant world together with ecologically sound principles. His horticultural consultancy business is renowned for innovation and imagery.

He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Horticulture, Garden Writers Association (US), Garden Writers Guild and the Professional Garden Photographers Association. He is an active member of the RHS Plant Trials Committee. So come Chelsea next week, Master Ginger will certainly be greeting visitors with “May the Flora and Fauna Force be with you!”

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