‘Green Switch’ Artisan Garden at Chelsea

Every year at RHS Chelsea one of the first gardens I make for is in the Artisan Category – the beautiful, perfect and absolutely stunning creations of designer Kazuyuki Ishihara. For the 2019 RHS Chelsea Flower Show, this maestro of garden design will return with ‘Green Switch’, a garden designed to refresh and relax, and one that distinguishes between the ON and OFF in life.

Urban city life is stressful and the designer points out that the OFF in life is the collection of what one likes – time for nature – so by activating the ‘green switch’ it allows us to spend our free life within a natural green space.

The design is intended as a city garden, where we can switch from the urban environment to a natural one – the open-style Azumaya (garden house) will create a garden atmosphere even when indoors. This two-storied structure has an upper tea room and a lower parking space, the structures will have glass walls while a glass shower room enables you to be at one with nature! The roof will be sedum covered, white plaster stencil will decorate the interior through the glass while white framing will harmonize with the green and encourage a calming of “one’s heart, creating depth within the garden.”

(above: 2018 Gold medal winning garden, O-mo-te-na-shi no NIWA – THE HOSPITALITY GARDEN)

There can be no doubt that this talented award-winning multi Chelsea Gold Medallist will present us with another stunning garden full of amazing Japanese Acer, pine and mosses. For his 2019 garden he will use Japanese atoyama woodland plants of Acer, pine and the mosses Farfugium japonicum and Pachysandra terminalis, as well as watercress, iris and horsetail from woodland rivers.

Perfection it will no doubt be, beautiful to look at definitely and for Acer lovers a positive paradise. I just can’t wait!

Garden diagram is strictly © of the designer: Kazuyuki Ishihara – Picture of 2018 The Hospitality Garden ©Reckless Gardener.