Plant Heritage collection holders offering mail order

With restrictions in place affecting nurseries and garden centres, the industry is showing how innovative it can be in these challenging and difficult times by organising mail order where possible.

Plant Heritage, the world’s leading cultivated plant conservation charity, who oversee over 650 National Plant Collections across the UK, point out that many of their 400+ collection holders are offering mail order, allowing the public to safely buy unique and unusual plants to enjoy in their gardens.

Those who buy a plant from a National Collection Holder will also have the opportunity to get expert advice on how to care for their new plants. The full list of Collection Holders offering mail order can be found on:

You can also find a collection offering mail order near you by using their interactive map at:

Among those offering mail order is Dibleys Nurseries in Denbighshire (Streptocarpus, Saintpaulia and Petrocosmea), Fibrex Nurseries in Warwickshire (Pelargonium & Hedera collections), Hare Spring Cottage Garden Plants in North Yorkshire (Camassia & Sidalcea collections) and Hoyland Plant Centre in South Yorkshire (Agapanthus, Clivia & Tulbaghia collections).

Vicki Cooke, Plant Conservation Manager, Plant Heritage explains that with the cancellation of plant fairs, their annual Plant Exchange and other shows, they are keen to help collection holders, local nurseries and growers who normally support them by supplying rare and interesting plants at such events: “As many of us are now based at home, if you have a space for plants, you can safely buy them from many of our collection holders and independent nurseries, and get expert advice too! You can help us save the nation’s garden plants by keeping as broad a range as possible growing in your gardens, and now you have the chance to get something new and unusual as well,” said Vicki.

National Plant Collections are living plant libraries, showcasing the amazing diversity of our nation’s cultivated plants. They are created, and curated, by individuals or organisations who are passionate about protecting the diversity of the nation’s rich flora. New collections are recognised every year, with 28 new collections accredited in 2019.

Images-  Banner: Pelargonium ‘Australian-Mystery’ © Plant Heritage; Middle: Agapanthus ‘Black Magic’ ©Hoyland Nurseries.