Pure Land Foundation key plants for RHS Chelsea


Plant lovers in need of a new high at this year’s RHS Flower Show, need look no further than The Pure Land Foundation Garden, designed by Fernando Gonzalez.

Fernando returns to RHS Chelsea Flower Show with a garden in the ‘Fresh’ category for sponsor, The Pure Land Foundation. The Foundation was established by Bruno Wang, a London based Chinese business man, philanthropist and patron of the arts, to realize his charitable objectives.

Pure Land in Buddhism is the realm of higher consciousness, peace and harmony and upon seeing the preliminary garden sketches Mr Wang felt an immediate synergy with Fernando’s design as it has an air of serenity and incorporates numerous Eastern elements.

image005The garden will feature two new plant introductions in the shape of Arctic Blackburry ‘Arom arctic® Systrar® Rubus arcticus‘, an exciting and very dainty Rubus species and a newly bred robust foxglove, Foxglove cross Digitalis Illumination Series ‘Apricot’.

Other key plants include the multi stemmed Koelreuteria paniculata trees, which are native to East Asia. The fine foliaged Koelreuteria paniculata creates definition and repetition in the garden space while grasses, including Deschampsia ‘Tatra Gold’ and Festuca amethystine will complement the planting.

Fernando is showing his designer acumen by embracing marsala in his colour scheme, the Pantone® ‘Colour of the Year 2015. The planting will feature a selection of Geums, Euphorbias, bearded Iris germanica ‘Kent Pride’, and statuesque Macleaya microcarpa ‘Kelways Coral Plume’.

The only shrub on the garden will be Acacia pravissima, a tender drought tolerant evergreen, which will add height and texture and a sheltered spot in full sun. The paving will be populated with a variety of ground hugging plants. Creeping Thymus spp. providing a scented walkway, Erigeron karvinskuianus, Geranium ‘Sanne’ and two varieties of ScleranthusS. uniflorus and S. biflorus add texture and colour to the natural planting. Raoulia australis and Sedum ‘Lemon Ball’ complete the picture.

Although not a Buddhist garden or seeking to recreate any particular landscape, the design has a calm and contemplative feel – a space to relax, unwind and even to meditate.