Review: Tough Plants for Tough Places

If you are struggling with growing conditions in your garden you will find plenty of solutions in “Tough Plants for Tough Places – Invincible Plants for Every Situation“, by Sharon Amos. In this new book Sharon gives an insight into a variety of difficult sites where tough plants are needed that will not only shrug off all the worst conditions but will actually thrive in them.

Perhaps your garden is on an awkward slope or shaded by trees, maybe it’s a damp sunless corridor between houses or an exposed plot by the seaside exposed to salt spray and winds – whatever the situation there are plants that will be suitable and Sharon provides plenty of ideas.

Few gardeners benefit from perfect conditions and in ‘Tough Plants for Tough Places‘ Sharon explores a variety of situations and gives advice, not only on the most suitable plants, but also on ways to improve what you have already.

Chapters cover your garden’s microclimate as well as coping with extreme weather. There is a useful section on matching plants to your garden as well as caring for plants in a variety of tough situations.

The book is clearly laid out with excellent illustrations and includes a comprehensive plant directory covering sun, shade, dry, damp, exposed and seaside conditions.

There is a useful soil checklist and a section on assessing your garden. Improving the soil in various situations such as waterlogging or chalky conditions, stabilizing a bare slope and creating shelter.

I particularly liked the fact that Sharon included getting clues from Latin names such as acid soil ‘calcifugus‘ or sun-loving ‘apricus‘, something we often overlook. Preserving water is also covered.

Sharon is an author and freelance journalist specialising in gardening, crafts and interiors. She is the author of Plants for Free (Pavilion Books 2022) and a contributing gardening editor for Country Living Magazine.

Tough Plants for Tough Places‘ by Sharon Amos, is published by Pimpernel Press Ltd – – in hardback at £20.

A review copy was kindly supplied by the publisher.

Photo credits: all images ©Sharon Amos, Pimpernel Press Ltd.