Samurai text inspires Chelsea Artisan garden

Designer Shuko Noda’s artisan garden, for the 2017 RHS Chelsea Flower Show – ‘Hagakure – Hidden Leaves‘ – is inspired by a Samuari text book of the same name from which we can learn society’s values and way of life in Japan.

Sponsored by Nishikyushu University, Hanamizuki Corporation and Ippudo, the garden’s main colour scheme will be white which is the symbol of purity and sacredness in Japan.

‘Hagakure’, means Hidden leaves, and expresses living and dying. The show garden will express the five senses, where one can be thankful for life’s opportunities in a sacred and peaceful space away from noise and the stress of daily life.

The garden’s design is inspired by the nature and atmosphere of the Saga region of Japan where the designer, Shuko Noda, grew up. Plants including Cornus Koussa, bearing white flowers, will remind us of the monk’s clothes while plants such as Iris japonica and Hydrangea macrophylla will emulate the nature and environment of the region.


Garden plan (banner) ©Shuko Noda