Sarah Raven to launch podcast series

Garden writer and teacher, Sarah Raven, is set to launch her first podcast series, ‘Grow, Cook, East, Arrange’ on 12th February 2021. She will be joined by friend and colleague, Arthur Parkinson, to host lively discussions on their favourite flowers as well as offering plenty of expert advice on floral design and cookery.

The weekly podcast aims to engage gardeners of all ages and levels of experience in the joy that gardening brings to the home and kitchen.

Sarah explains that each week she will be telling listeners what she has loved, liked and hated about her garden over the last 25 years: “We’ll be talking colours and colour combinations, recipes full of home grown produce, growing tips and personal experiences,” she said. “Gardening really is for everyone, whether you have a window box or acres of land to tend. Arthur and I hope that listeners will find the podcast helpful in maximising their outdoor space and will join us each week to discover how gardening can help transform their lives for the better.”

Listeners can expect to be entertained by Sarah and Arthur’s rapport and relationship, with sometimes conflicting opinions and debate.

As Arthur (pictured below right) points out both he and Sarah have similar tastes in gardening and he has admired her work since he was a child, but they don’t always agree on everything: “For example, white flowers are a real no-no for me, but I just can’t win Sarah round on this one! Who knew gardening could be so controversial?”

Arthur goes on to explain that gardening has had a real image makeover in recent years, becoming popular with city dwellers and younger people and he is looking forward to sharing with listeners how gardening should be as much a part of personal style as our fashion and home décor choices: “I’ll also be sharing tips on how to make gardening an everyday part of your wellbeing routine,” he adds.

Listeners will be able to download the first two episodes of Sarah’s podcast, ‘Grow, Cook, Eat, Arrange’ on Friday 12th February, 2021 on all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts.

You can find more information on Sarah’s website at: