The portable idea giving you Stacks of Flavour


My expertise in growing vegetables is probably on a par with the fact that I never got off Level 1 of Tomb Raider. In other words, my expertise is pretty rubbish. So I was interested when Suttons Seeds, in association with James Wong, launched its ‘Stacks of Flavour’ range – a creative concept, rather like building blocks, using rustic growing boxes which are portable.

To go alongside these stacking boxes is a full range of seeds and plants with instructions and growing menus.

The growing boxes are really attractive with the added bonus of having your name or the type of veg you want to grow on the side, so you don’t get confused with what you are growing.


OK, I thought, I will give this a go. So I sowed Suttons Speedy Veg leaf salad (spicy Oriental mix) for starters, which is ready in three weeks. Well that is what it said on the packet. So I thought, could someone with my level of expertise in growing vegetables get anything from this or would it all end up like my Tomb Raider exploits and a lot of soggy soil in a nice rustic box, which incidentally bore my name on the side.

sideWithin a very short space of time from sowing my seed the tray was showing healthy signs of growth. The trays are specially designed as a space-saving concept, so they are very convenient for someone with just a very small patio, or window balcony for example. They are portable and stackable so they can be used in all sorts of combinations.

The leaf salad grew quickly and was strong and healthy. We were indeed able to cut-and-come again from the box and I was delighted to be able to supply my family with a lovely bowl of fresh leaves brought straight from our own garden.

The boxes have contoured handles for easy lifting and are made of 12mm wood for extra strength. They are light and easy to handle and come with a durable inner liner so I didn’t have any mess or soil coming out of the bottom. They are also made from FSC sustainable wood and have extra pins for structural support. All-in-all the trays are fantastic for the purpose and look good. You can have each tray personalized either with your name or the produce you are growing and they will make great presents.

Suttons Seeds have donated over 300 Stacks of Flavour crates and plants to a number of charities. Co-ordinated by Capital Growth (London’s food growing network with over 2000 edible gardens scattered across London) the stacks have already been received by six charities.

Stacks of Flavour will allow you to build your garden as you build your knowledge, gain a sense of achievement and eat tastier, healthier food reducing food miles and saving space.

I was amazed at the results and my healthy crop and another positive outcome for me was the knowledge that even with my limited vegetable growing skills I could achieve these excellent results.

Lara Croft eat your heart out – Suttons Stacks of Flavour are the way forward!

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