The Tree Conference 2020

Following two sell out events in the South West, The Tree Conference heads East to the Babbage Lecture Theatre in Cambridge on Saturday 2nd May, 2020, with the focus this year on what supports trees to survive and thrive in these times of changing climate.

Leading global scientists, politicians, business leaders and organisations world-wide are now championing large-scale global reforestation as a fundamental means of tackling the climate crisis and ecosystem restoration. The UK government is pledging to grow 30 million more trees over the next three decades. The big question The Tree Conference will be addressing is: “How can we practically achieve and exceed these goals to protect our soils, communities and weather systems?

The conference is designed to bring people from different sectors and mindsets together, united by a common goal to support the needs of trees and aims to provide a road map to ecosystem health, as well as a hub for a budding Tree Network.

Speakers include trailblazing ‘youth generation’ biologist Martin Sheldrake, frontier political scientist David Ellison and award-winning ecologist and tree conservationist Alan Watson Featherstone. Glennie Kindred, celebrated author of new book Walking with Trees will share practical advice for how we can connect with specific trees to support our health and wellbeing.

Key partners for The Tree Conference 2020 include TreeSisters, the Woodland Trust, Royal Forestry Society, Crowther Labs, Gaia Foundation, Global Landscape Forum and the Global Tree Project.

The conference’s talks, panels and interview sessions will be punctuated by live music and storytelling throughout the day.

Suzi Martineau, Founder of The Tree Conference points out that while we all tend to agree on the benefits of tree planting most of us unwittingly do things that support deforestation and poor tree health: “The Tree Conference lifts up the amazing people with essential skills for ecosystem renewal, including scientists with life-changing insights into the world of trees and fungi, lawyers protecting forests and the extraordinary new wave of youth change-makers generating breakthrough global-scale solutions,” she says.

The Tree Conference will be held on Saturday 2nd May 2020 10am to 5pm, at the Babbage Lecture Theatre (New Museums Site) Pembroke Street, Cambridge, CB2 3QZ. Early Bird tickets for the conference are available until Sunday 22nd March. For tickets and more information on The Tree Conference please visit:

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