A classy collection of Clematis


The King of Clematis has to be Mr Raymond Evison, winner of 15 gold medals at RHS Chelsea and one of the UK’s most prominent breeders. The good news for all clematis lovers is that online retailer Lubera – http://www.lubera.co.uk – will now be offering a range Evison Clematis in an exciting collection.

Raymond Evison breeds beautiful clematis – anyone who has seen his RHS Chelsea exhibits will know how impressive they are and we think that the Lubera collection will definitely have something to offer every taste.

As Markus Kobelt of Lubera points out, Clematis flowers have something big and boastful about them, but the plant structure, the vines, and the first leaves, start to grow modestly, almost invisible, until the buds explode. Markus points out that when he first met Raymond he felt he was like this – quiet and modest but full of self-confidence. This is someone who has bred over 100 clematis and placed them on the market to the delight of gardeners everywhere.


Lubera are now offering several Evison Clematis including:

Clematis ‘Zara’ TM – a compact Evison with an echanting delicate light blue.
Clematis ‘Sally’ TM – vigorously growing clematis with bright pink, non-fading flowers.
Clematis ‘Cezanne’ TM – continuous flowering and compact, blue Clematis.
Clematis ‘Vyvyan Pennell’ – light purple, double flowers which appear profusely.
Clematis ‘Tekla’ TM – red Garland® clematis for indoor, patio and garden. (pictured banner – above)
Clematis ‘Edda’ TM – the ideal pot clematis by Evison (pictured above)
Clematis ‘Josephine’ TM – forms large, elegant, fully double flowers. (pictured below)


For full details of each plant log onto the Lubera website.