Celebrate No Dig Day

No dig champion Charles Dowding is inviting gardeners to celebrate the first No Dig Day #NoDigDay to be held on 3rd November 2022. The event, to be held annually, encourages gardeners from around the globe to celebrate the environmental, time and space-saving benefits of using no dig methods to produce homegrown harvests.

As November is the ideal time to add mulches of organic matter, such as compost, to no dig garden beds, it’s the perfect time to encourage the No Dig Method. By mulching in November, you are feeding the soil, improving the soil’s ability to hold carbon and creating a lovely soft surface for sowing and planting in early spring.

Charles has 40 years’ experience sharing his passion for No Dig via talks, articles, social media and award-winning books. He has a loyal, worldwide following and over 570,000 YouTube video subscribers with over 58 million views.

His latest book, No Dig, published by DK, is a new compendium of his life’s work to date covering the key principles and best techniques.

Charles will be joined on No Dig Day by others in the no dig community sharing how no dig allows gardeners to work in harmony with life below ground, maintaining and improving their soil’s health, enabling them to grow healthy plants and bumper crops. There will be activities for all ages and ability, including demos of creating a no dig bed from scratch with the help of some cardboard and a plentiful supply of mulch. There will also be photo competitions and recipe sharing as well as giveaways.

He is also releasing a special YouTube video on the day which will appear as a Premier so everyone can watch together and Charles will be on hand to answer questions and chat.

Charles Dowding said: “We are delighted to launch this annual appreciation of no dig which will bring together a world of experience, to be shared with gardeners of all abilities, to show how easy it is to help themselves and the environment.
One of the huge benefits those new to no dig will discover is how the process is not only simple to do, but it can be almost instant. Once the weeds are suppressed and topped with a good mulch, you can sow your seeds or pop young plants straight into it and then watch them grow.”

As Charles points out November is the perfect time to hold No Dig Day as it is a wonderful time of the year to wrap up and get outside in the fresh air and start your no dig adventure. Make a date in your diary – 3rd November 2022 – to join in for a very special #NoDigDay.

Further details about No Dig Day can be found on https://charlesdowding.co.uk/thursday-3rd-november-2022-no-dig-day-nodigday/