Chelsea All About Plants Exhibitors

This year, once again, there promises to be a diverse range of All About Plants Gardens, from designs inspired by our natural affinity towards nature to the representation of a child’s imagination as it blossoms in response to the freedom gifted by art therapy.

The Choose Love Garden

Designed by Jane Porter, (pictured banner above) the garden is inspired by refugee migration routes across Europe and the concept of desired lines – paths created where no routes exist. The garden features a dry stream bed path, boulder seating and a weathered tree that has taken the shape of the wind.

The Natural Affinity Garden for Aspens

Designed by Camellia Taylor, the garden is designed to connect to the natural affinity we have towards nature with each planting zone targeting specific senses. Every aspect of the planting has been included for sensory stimulation for people with learning difficulties. The dominant use of green provides an overall feeling of calm for those with hyper-sensitivity.

The Sadler’s Wells East Garden

Designed by Alexa Ryan-Mills, the garden celebrates the next generation of dancers and appreciators of dance. Providing a platform to raise awareness of Sadler’s Wells East, a new theatre. Characterful trees and shrubs cut beautiful figures while colourful perennials and annuals echo layers, patterns and shapes of dance.

The School Food Matters Garden

Designed by Harry Holding, the garden is an immersive, and naturalistic landscape where children can explore nature and be inspired by a diverse range of edible, climate-adapted plants. The garden has calming textural planting, colourful ribbons of flowers and all elements culminate in a show-stopping way to deliver a prominent message: nutritious food, a healthy planet and access to nature are fundamental rights that every child should enjoy. Paths will be child-sized, allowing youngsters to create their own imagined worlds as they meander through plants, scramble over boulders and journey past the raw elements of food production.

The Talitha Arts Garden

Designed by Joe and Laura Carey, the garden represents Talitha Arts who use the integrative arts to bring about transformation in the lives of those who have suffered trauma. 250 hand-made white porcelain butterflies, created by Japanese ceramicist Naoko Tagai, pour from a large sculptured chrysalis, made by Norfolk-based stone carver Teucer Wilson.

The Teapot Trust: Elsewhere Garden

(above: The Teapot Trust Elsewhere Garden: illustration Sandra Dieckmann.)

Designed by Semple Begg, the Teapot Trust: Elsewhere Garden represents a child’s imagination as it blossoms in response to the freedom gifted by art therapy. For inspiration, the designers travelled to Wonka’s factory, to Oz and Wonderland. Where colour is vivid and exuberant, shape and form are exaggerated and where the inner world of a child’s anxiety is expressed as an outer wonderland. Look out for the ‘Dolly Mixture’ stream brimming with bright candelabra primulas.

Credits: All garden illustrations credit each individual designer.