Growing Spring Bulbs

bulbs-springThis month, Mr McGregor talks about choosing and planting spring bulbs.

Seeing the summer season turn in and make way for autumn to work its magic is a wondrous sight. The trees and summer blooms are readying themselves for hibernation.

However, autumn doesn’t just prepare us for the cooler months ahead, it also reminds of the tasks we need to complete, ensuring us another year of colourful and aromatic flowers; it is time to plant our spring bulbs. What is so wonderful about spring bulbs is the variation and choice that is offered. Many opt for the traditional daffodil, but there are so many options available, including pre-packed mixtures of bulbs.

My recommendations

tulipsWhen visiting our local garden centres you can be met by a screen of various colours, patterns and shapes and for some this can be overwhelming. However, below you will find my recommendations when partnering various species to ensure you create the right balance of colour, shape and height.

  • Narcissus and Tulips
  • ‘Daydream’ and ‘West Point’ Tulips.
  • Daffodils Tete a Tete and Grape Hyacinths

How to plant spring bulbs

  • Add a layer of broken pot or large stones at the bottom of each container to promote food drainage.
  • Mix horticultural grit with a good multi-purpose compost and fill your containers, leaving approximately 10cm from the top. (Measurements may vary for different bulbs, so please check the back of the packet prior to planting).
  • Ensuring that the base of the bulb is planted first, place them as closely together as possible. Please bear in mind that if planted the wrong way up you will be left with a vacant spring container.
  • Cover the bulbs with more compost and add a layer of grit on top –this together should fill the remaining 10cm.
  • Water well to prevent the bulbs from rotting.

Now that you know what could make a unique and vibrant display, and how you can create beautiful spring containers, why not start getting your hands dirty?
Mr McGregor

Mr McGregor is guest writer for Notcutts, a popular garden centre who stock a wonderful array of spring bulbs to choose from.
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