Helping your garden in a heatwave

Have your plants wilted in the heat? With the exceptional temperatures we have been experiencing and the lack of rain for many of us, gardeners are now concerned about the effect this is having on plants. With the heatwave predicted to continue for another few weeks, Sarah Squire, deputy chairman of Squire’s Garden Centres, gives us some top tips for helping our gardens survive the heatwave.

1. Water plants early or late –
Water plants early in the morning or late in the evening and give them a good soaking at their base. Avoid watering in the heat of the day, as it will scorch the leaves.

2. Water wisely –
Did you know that you can re-use washing-up or bath water once it has cooled? Just make sure you don’t water anything you would eat without cooking it first, such as lettuce or cucumber. Have a water butt ready in case we have a downpour and then you’ll have free water on tap.

(pictured above, Sarah Squire)

3. Choose low maintenance plants –
Buy hardy plants that need minimal watering such as Sedum, Hebe, Lavender,
Eurphorbia, Cordyline or Ceanothus.

4. Mulch, mulch, mulch –
Water plants well, top dress with compost then cover with mulch such as tree bark, which will keep the soil cooler and prevent it from drying out. Mulch is also great as it improves soil texture and suppresses weeds.

5. Don’t cut the lawn –
Don’t’ cut your lawn if you can avoid it, or don’t cut it too short. Long grass will tolerate the heat better.

6. Move pots into the shade –
If you can move your pots put them in the shade or under a sun umbrella, especially if you are going away.

7. Instant colour –
For instant colour in your garden buy some jumbo bedding plants such as geraniums, or a ready-planted container, then sit back and enjoy the sunshine.

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