Kyoto emperors to provide theme for Chelsea garden

The residence of Kyoto emperors is the inspiration for ‘Gosho No Niwa‘ at the 2017 RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Designed by multi-award winning Kazuyuki Ishihara and sponsored by Cat’s Co., the Artisan garden will contain the beauty and peaceful feeling of old times, expressing the communal spirit that has allowed the imperial family to continue for two millennia.

These residences could never be attacked and they possessed neither moat nor wall. ‘Garden’ is the guard and protects an inner Eden. Protection comes not only from walls but also from communal protection, which can be admired from all aspects.

To represent the passage of time, the garden uses moss. In addition, Pine and Acer provide natural shapes of trees. Shades and graduations of green from the trees and plants make up the colour scheme.

Mr Ishihara is a popular designer of Artisan gardens at RHS Chelsea and in previous years he has won numerous RHS Gold Medals as well as several Best in Category awards. His garden in 2016, Senri-Sentel – Garage Garden, was a wow and once again earned him and his team a well-deserved Gold.

This is one garden visitors can expect to be perfectly executed, right down to the tiniest detail, and I can’t wait to see it.

Garden plan ©Kazuyuki Ishiahara