Luxury Wedding Roses by David Austin


David Austin’s luxury cut roses combine the beauty and charm of his award-winning garden roses with the year-round availability of modern cut roses, making them some of the most romantic and highly desired flowers in the world.

Unlike most traditional cut roses, David Austin’s roses gradually open to reveal large, perfectly formed, fragrant blooms, packed with many delicately furled petals.

Whether the theme for your wedding is pure elegance, garden party, vintage chic or sumptuous glamour, these roses will help to create the right setting for the day.

This year David Austin has introduced four stunning new varieties: Beatrice, Tess, Edith and Charity.

Beatrice (Auslevity)
Beatrice-(Auslevity)-RD1365This is David Austin’s first yellow cut rose and is expected to be a very popular choice for summer weddings. (pictured left)

Beatrice’s large ruffled rosette blooms are held on upright stems and have a strong, delicious fragrance with hints of honey, lilac, and almond.

Beatrice works particularly well alongside David Austin’s fragrant, cream coloured rose, Patience – a delightful buttermilk rose with ruffled petals reminiscent of fine lace. Patience has a fresh old rose fragrance with elements of fruit, lilac and myrrh.

It also blends beautifully with cottage garden flowers, such as blue hydrangeas and irises.


Charity (Auswasher)

Charity-(Auswasher)_4141An utterly romantic, soft pink rose with warm peachy overtones. (pictured right)

Each of Charity’s large, quartered, rosette blooms open to reveal a pretty green stamen, creating a unique and natural look.

The strong classic rose scent makes it a great choice for a fragrant buttonhole.

With its subtle colouring, Charity is at its best as part of a pastel colour scheme, mingled with an array of seasonal flowers and foliage.


Edith (Auspluto)
This is a rose like no other. With its very large, striking two tone blooms and intense fruity fragrance, Edith is sure to add the ‘wow’ factor to any wedding. (pictured left below)

Old gold and warm peachy tones in the centre of each bloom contrast with distinct, deep pink exterior petals to spectacular effect.

Edith-(Auspluto)-BGiving the overall impression of burnished orange, Edith is an excellent choice for autumn weddings with a bohemian sensibility.

Tess (Ausyacht)
This ground-breaking new rose is David Austin’s first true red cut rose. (pictured right below)

Unlike conventional red cut roses, Tess’s large, blousy blooms exude the natural character and charm of old garden roses.

With its rich, romantic, jewel tones it promises to be a popular choice for Christmas weddings.

While Tess’s blooms look stunning arranged on their own, they also harmonise beautifully with seasonal berries and foliage.

Tess-(Ausyacht)-RD8338David Austin’s wedding roses are supplied by The Real Flower Company. To find out more, call 01730 818300.

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