Meningitis Now 30th Anniversary Garden at Chelsea

banner-men-now-media-drawing-feb2016Gloucestershire-based charity Meningitis Now is looking to grow awareness of the deadly disease by creating a dramatic garden at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show. The garden, in the Artisan Category, will be the centerpiece of its 30th anniversary celebrations and is being designed by gold-medal winning designer and landscaper John Everiss.

‘The Meningitis Now Futures Garden’ is inspired by the spirit and energy of families whose lives have been irrevocably changed by the disease. The design is set in a Cotswold country garden, to reflect the Charity’s roots and will feature a Greek-themed folly as its centerpiece with a seat inscribed with its ‘Believe and Achieve’ message.

Five dramatic sculptures will travel across the garden, hitting the first wall and climbing over the next, depicting lives changed, lost and a life different to the one expected.

Sue Davie, Meningitis Now chief executive explains that the garden will celebrate the courage, determination and positive outlook of young people who have faced up to, and overcome, the consequences of this devastating disease: “We’re thrilled to have this opportunity to showcase meningitis in this dramatic way and to raise awareness of the disease and our work combating it to the millions of people who visit Chelsea and watch it on television. We look forward to working closely with John as his vision for the garden materializes,” she said.

The garden will reflect an important part of what the charity offers, providing a place of solace, reflection and remembrance for families whose lives have been touched by this devastating disease.

A group of private sponsors is supporting Meningitis Now by funding the design and build of the garden at the 2016 Show. Following the show elements of the garden will be integrated into further 30th anniversary events.

There are an estimated 3,100 cases of bacterial meningitis and septicaemia each year in the UK. Meningitis and septicaemia can affect anyone, of any age, at any time. However, babies and young children are most at risk. More information about Meningitis and the charity can be found on: