New Edible Garden for RHS Garden Hyde Hall

banner-Hyde-Hall-Global-Growth-Veg-Garden---illustrationThe Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) have announced that there will be a new Global Growth Vegetable Garden at RHS Garden Hyde Hall, set to open in the summer of 2017.

The garden, sponsored by Witan, a global equity investment trust, will showcase fruit and vegetables from around the world and will be set in an innovative circular design with a glasshouse centerpiece.

Challenging perceptions of conventional kitchen gardens and showcasing an extraordinarily diverse range of edible plants, the garden will focus from the everyday to the exotic, including edible ornamentals, from yams and chickpeas to lima beans and tomatillos. The garden aims to inspire people to grow their own and demonstrate the myriad of edible possibilities that exist.

Horticulturist Matthew Oliver said: “We are hugely excited about this vegetable garden. It’s a unique development and with the revival of interest in growing your own fruit and vegetables, we hope it will become as much of a destination as the ornamental parts of Hyde Hall.”


Designed by Suffolk-based garden and landscape designer Xa Tollemache, the Global Growth Vegetable Garden has an innovative circular layout that will be sectioned into four quarters, representing the continents of Europe & the Middle East, Asia, North & Central America and South America. The centrepiece will be a bespoke 14m (46ft) wide, 7m (23ft) high, octagonal glasshouse manufactured by Hartley Botanic.

It is hoped that the combination of an inspirational setting and an amazing array of produce, will encourage people of all ages to get growing and to experience for themselves the joy of fresh, great-tasting food.

Details about RHS Garden Hyde Hall, opening times and visit details log onto:

Picture Credits: All pictures ©RHS Garden Hyde Hall