Poisonous plants around the world

Spalding-Bulb.landscapeKeeping an eye on youngsters is tough enough at normal times – but when you’re in a foreign country it can be frightening.

With the holiday season almost upon us we thought this useful infograph from the Spalding Bulb Company might be helpful. It shows you some of the lethal strains of poisonous plants across the world.

Unfortunately there are tempting-looking treats growing in meadows and forests and on roadsides, which might find their way into little hands and mouths – with dire consequences.

But it’s not just children who might try what looks like an innocent-looking leaf or stem, as some more adventurous adults might regret their impulsiveness.

Take a look at the infograph below:

Provided by Spalding Bulb

You can find out more about Spalding Bulbs on their website at: http://www.spaldingbulb.co.uk