RHS Flower Power at Tatton

The RHS Flower Power Garden at the 2021 RHS Tatton Park Flower Show, (2st to 25th July 2021), designed by Anca Panait , promises to be a celebration of colour and the emotion that can be generated by it.

Anca’s inspiration for the design is taken from Werner’s Nomenclature of Colour Book, which is a taxonomic guide to the colours of the natural word. The garden consists of four main areas each with its own colour scheme.

A winding path will take visitors on a journey of colour and texture, with visitors invited to slow down and admire the floral display that starts with a mix of red naturalistic planting, carrying on with oranges and yellows and ending with a forest bathing area associated with greens and whites.

Colour is accompanied by fragrance by using a mix of aromatherapy plants such as lavender or rosemary that can influence mood and emotions. Herbaceous perennials will be planted among a matrix of grasses to enhance their colour and create a naturalistic feel.

Lime rendered walls depict colours from the natural world and are used to accentuate each area.

Anca (pictured above at RHS Tatton Park 2017) was one of the three finalists chosen by the Royal Horticultural Society for the ‘Young Designer of the Year’ 2017 competition. She now runs her own design practice and works throughout the UK and abroad.

After the show the garden is being relocated at the Queen’s School in Chester where it can be used by staff and students.

Picture credits: Garden design (banner)©Anca Panait; Photograph of Anca (middle) ©Reckless Gardener.