RHS Hampton Court 2022 Show Gardens

The 2022 RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival gets underway in a couple of days (4th to 9th July 2022) and it’s a good time to take a look at the Show Gardens that visitors will be able to view this year.

This year the Festival champions the healing power of gardens with a line-up of thought-provoking gardens highlighting the healing power of gardens – from the Ukraine war to mental and physical wellbeing across the several categories of gardens including Feature Gardens, Get-Started Gardens and Global Impact Gardens.

Show Gardens

The Connections Garden (Image top of page ©Ryan McMahon) designed by Ryan McMahon highlights the changing dynamics in a family or group of friends when someone is diagnosed with dementia and how this affects a family with the young looking after the older generation. The garden incorporates many native meadow species to show how we can use a garden setting and promote biodiversity through using native plants.

©©©Charlie Bloom and Simon Webster

The Sunburst Garden (pictured above) is designed by Charlie Bloom and Simon Webster and is designed to showcase a celebration of teamwork, individual skill and craftsmanship, plants and colour. The colour gradient is from electric blue to bright red using plants that do not need intense watering.

©Samuel Moore

The ‘SunsLifestyle’ Outdoor Living Garden, (pictured above) designed by Samuel Moore, highlights outdoor living with a louvered pergola at the rear of the garden and a plunge pool. The design includes five large multi-stem trees to add structure to the space with underplanting containing a variety of species to create a tapestry of colour.


©Sean A Pritchard

The Macmillan Legacy Gaden: Gift the Future, (above) designed by Sean A Pritchard, celebrates the kindness of ordinary people who, in leaving a gift in their will, gift a future of hope for those living with cancer. The design has a rill with water travelling between two ponds in the centre of the scheme linking terraces on different levels. The levels in the garden are an important symbol of how a third of Macmillan’s income comes from gifts in wills.


©Sarah Bradnum

The Joy Club Garden, designed by Sarah Bradnum aims to raise awareness of the issues surrounding isolation in later life. It has a geometric design and materials chosen given a nod to the setting of the Festival. Sarah uses Pinus to represent longevity and wisdom and connects to the designer’s Singaporean-Chinese heritage.

©Matthew Childs

Over the Wall Garden designed by Matthew Childs, (above) is inspired by and designed as a conceptual space to highlight to visitors the great work conducted by Over the Wall (OTW) children’s charity. The circular garden invites visitors to literally step ‘over the wall’ entering a joyful and uplifting space.


©Blue Diamond Group

The Blue Diamond Group Beautiful Abandonment Garden (above) is designed by the Blue Diamond Group Team and is inspired by an abandoned space featuring the remains of an old wall or out-building, re-purposing these and bringing back to life. Trees will give architectural structure to the garden with the main planting areas naturalistic with summer flowering perennials and shrubs.

©Rhi Williams

The John King Brain Tumour Foundation Garden designed by Rhi Williams, creates a space immersed in nature to aid the recovery of patients and provide areas in a relaxed environment for patients and staff to relax. The space demonstrates how the charity is transforming areas of otherwise grey, concrete rooftops at the hospital into hidden sanctuaries for people and wildlife at the hospital to enjoy. Planting scheme consists of calm pastels of yellow and blues of the NHS.

For further information on RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival please visit: www.rhs.org.uk