Sarah Morgan awarded SGD Fellowship

The Society of Garden Designers (SGD) have announced the award of a Fellowship to former Chair of the SGD, Sarah Morgan, in recognition of her exceptional contribution to the profession.

Sarah has been a registered member of the Society for 25 years ending her three-year term as Chair in September 2020. Prior to that, she served as a long-standing member of the SGD council representing education and colleges. Sarah has also led a number of key initiatives, including launching SGD Educator Status for garden design courses, introducing CPD requirements as part of the Society’s membership as well as co-ordinating a streamlined route and training for full registration.

On being awarded the Fellowship Sarah (pictured above) said: “I am both surprised and delighted to be honoured in this way by a Society that has represented and helped me in my work as a professional garden designer, from when I first became registered 25 years ago, to the last CPD session I attended only last week!  It is a really lovely accolade after 40 years of being in the industry.”

Sarah has now taken on the role of Chair of Adjudication, working to ensure that the high standards of the SGD registration process are maintained. She also sits on the judging panel for the SGD Student Awards.

SGD Chair, Lynne Marcus MSGD, commented that having steadfastly supported the SGD from the earliest days of her membership, to being Regional Coordinator for Kent as well as her time as Chair, Sarah has been a driving force in promoting good practice, good design and good relations within her profession: “Her energy and vision as Chair saw the industry move forward with purpose and professionalism and I’m delighted to be able to recognise her contribution, both to the profession and to the Society, by making her a Fellow of the Society of Garden Designers.”

Speaking of her plans for the future Sarah commented that more than ever professional garden design is recognised, valued and in demand and that she is looking forward to sailing in … “this good wind, with the rest of the SGD membership, and adapting for a future where design will be more about how we work with nature rather than what we impose on it.”