Striking new designs to preview at Chelsea from David Harber


Sandy Felton showcases some stunning new introductions from David Harber to be launched at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

I always look forward to the David Harber garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show as he can be counted on to bring along something unique and stunning.

For the 2016 RHS Chelsea Flower Show (24th to 28th May) David is bringing Iris Torus and Chalice Fire Tables, among new striking designs celebrating light and shadow, nature and science.

side-Iris-Torus-SS-1.5m-CN-(10)David is a renowned sculptor and designer who started his career 20 years ago, creating sundials. He has created and installed large-scale and corporate artworks across five continents and is five-times winner of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show Sundries Trophy awarded for excellence of presentation.

This year, I am particularly looking forward to seeing Iris Torus, (pictured left) an exciting new development of David’s signature Stainless Steel Torus sculpture. This striking incarnation of Torus was inspired by the reflective facets of a cut diamond and the play between positive and negative and solid and void. The end result is dramatic, with the fragmented, laser-cut mirrored surface emulating the iris of an eye.

Chalice Fire Table (pictured in banner at top of page) is an adaptation of the studio’s Chalice water fature – the Fire Chalice is a sophisticated design and garden centerpiece that marries the classical elements of water and fire.

This is a beautiful creation comprising an outer bowl over which water flows, and an inner sky mirror with a burner in the centre. The design is illuminated from within the bowl as well as from beneath, making the piece even more alluring.

David’s 2016 RHS Chelsea garden has been designed by Nic Howard to evoke the atmosphere of a traditional English Country Garden. The centerpiece of the garden is a small oak framed pavilion that anchors the garden while helping subtly to separate the space into smaller areas. At the front of the pavilion visitors will find a mix of white, purple and lime-green perennials and grasses that create a contemporary feel. Towards the rear of the garden a woodland atmosphere will be created with a tapestry of different ferns.

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Picture credits: All pictures are ©David Harber