Suttons announce new 2020 flower seeds

If you are looking for brilliant blooms in sunshine shades and timeless traditional plants for this summer’s blooms, you might want to take a look at some of the seeds recently announced by Suttons for 2020.

These highflyers are multi award winners, being much improved for greater versatility and there is a delightful range to choose from including Sweet Pea, Nasturtium, Calendula and Zinnia.

Sweet Pea ‘Fragrant Boundary’ – Sweet Peas are adored for their scent and colour and this new variety is no exception. It is the newest member of the ‘Fragrant’ family and features a mix of bi-coloured flowers, with paper thin and frilly petals in pretty shades of pink, white and blue. (pictured banner above and left as a boundary).

With a lovely perfume, Suttons say ‘Fragrant Boundary’ is one of the sweetest scents they have ever known and perfect for creating a boundary as it has strong tendrils that knit together to allow it to take on form. This makes it perfect for growing into an informal hedge, reaching 1-1.2 metres high. A great way to grow a highly-scented and attractive segregation within your garden for a versatile summer hedging.


Candula ‘Porcupine Yellow’ – producing more flowers than its orange coloured relatives, this Candula is slightly taller than ‘Orange Porcupine’ and is perfect for containers, beds and borders and raised beds.

It prefers full sun and can be sown late March to May. It adds bursts of delicious, yellow coloured ‘porcupine’ style blooms to pots and beds from May to September.(pictured right)

Nasturtium ‘Baby Rose’ – A small mounding plant with deep rose-coloured flowers. Suitable for containers, beds and borders, patio etc. Attracts Bees and prefers full sun.

Flowers June to September and can be sown from late March to mid-June. This impressive variety produces flowers that are almost the same size as the small, dark green leaves, making the flower really impressive.

The improved flower habit means less flower flopping so the blooms stay more visible than most other varieties.(pictured left)

Zinnia ‘Peaches & Cream’ – this new and improved variety has unusual scabious shaped blooms with attractive vintage colours and is exceptional as a cut flower or in the garden. It is a drought resistant half-hardy annual that prefers full sun. Suitable for all soil types its height and spread is 71-80cm/31-40cm. (pictured right)

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