World Vision Garden for Chelsea


The 2015 RHS Chelsea Flower Show sees the return of The World Vision Garden which focuses on the cultivation of rice, as a key provider of nutrition and income across the developing world. Designed by John Warland, the garden is in the Fresh Gardens Category.

Rice delivers more than one fifth of the calories consumed worldwide by humans. Almost 100% of the garden’s surface is covered by water with the rice being represented by a series of translucent Perspex rod terraces, symbolically recreating the beautiful rice paddies of Cambodia. Divided in two, we are reminded that many children in the poorest areas of South East Asia survive on just two bowls of this staple crop a day.

The intriguing black water flowing through the two rice terraces on the garden represents the devastating consequences of such a poor diet. In Cambodia, malnutrition is a top public health concern, causing one third of all child deaths and irreversibly stunting 40% of children.

Designer John Warland’s inspiration for the garden comes from a visit to Cambodia: “I love the fact that the garden takes me back to Cambodia. A place visited years ago full of stunning landscapes, big hearted welcomes and unfortunately, crushing poverty.” he says.

When you take a closer look at the garden, visitors will see hidden mirrored holes, which they are invited to look inside and contemplate the many other fears faced by children living in parts of our world where there is just not enough food.

The garden offers a reflective quality while playing with visual depth perceptions highlighting the daily journey millions make into rice fields across the globe.