Aluminium for conservatories and greenhouses

The sheer strength and durability of aluminium makes it the sensible, sustainable material of choice for building glass structures. In this feature, Nick Bashford, an expert from Alitex and Marston & Langinger, outlines the benefits of using aluminium for conservatories and greenhouses.

Not so heavy metal:

While timber and steel are heavy and cumbersome to handle, aluminium is known for its lightweight composition, making construction far quicker and easier. Frame and glazing bars can also be made thinner allowing more light to flood the space.

Strong and sturdy:
Aluminium is strong and durable and to further strengthen the finish and longevity of a glass structure, a polyester powder coat can be added. The polyester is applied as a powder then heated to its melting point. It then flows to form a smooth film, which dries to a firm and durable finish.

This extra layer is also highly resistant to scratching, cracking, peeling, UV rays and rust. Alitex’s aluminium greenhouse and Marston & Langinger’s conservatories can be finished in almost any colour a client specifies using its colour matching service. Internally, walls, fixtures and fittings can be finished in the complementary colour palette of the Marston and Langinger paint range.

Minimal maintenance
A timber glass house needs maintenance to avoid cracks, roof damage and decay, whereas aluminium needs far less attention and requires only one annual clean.

The beauty of bespoke
Because aluminium is a very versatile material it is ideal for building new bespoke structures or faithfully replicating the old. It can be finished in any colour or style to complement an existing property.

Working closely with the National Trust and Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Alitex and Marston and Langinger’s aluminium structures have been approved for sensitive sites, conservation areas and listed buildings across the country. The bespoke capabilities of aluminium make it easy to faithfully and elegantly interpret original timber buildings.

Environmental impact
You may be surprised to learn that aluminium can easily compete with timber’s credentials. Not only is aluminium one of the most abundant metals, it is also limitlessly recyclable, making it the most sustainable option and the preferred choice of industry experts.

Alitex is the home of the modern Victorian Greenhouse and with over 60 years of leading industry partnership, build more than just greenhouses and conservatories – they create unique spaces where plants thrive.

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