Garden seeks to empower over 60s

The Parsley Box Garden at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show (21st to 26th September 2021) seeks to champion and empower the over 60s and challenge outdated stereotypes of ageing.

Designed by Alan Williams, the garden is contemporary, sleek and elegant with an outdoor kitchen adjacent to an entertaining space sheltered by a cantilevered pergola.

The design seeks to enable accessibility for all generations and will feature tiered planters, fragrant herbs and edible flowers. Planting also includes perennials and trees including Arbutus unedo, Malus ‘Evereste’ espalier fruit trees and Cornus kousa to provide height and scale.

Subtly bringing the conversation around ageing to the fore, the materials chosen for the garden have been carefully selected. Contemporary smooth structures reference stability of firm foundations and the reclaimed wood hints at the fluidity of changes in identify through life.

Garden diagram ©Alan Williams

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